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Solidarity Pilgrimage to support rare deseases

Welcome to Camina ConmiGO

Camina ConmiGO, is a project focused on raising awareness about the different rare diseases.

Thanks to the Solidarity Pilgrimage - Camina ConmiGO, we have the opportunity to carry out specific actions on the International Pilgrimage Routes, to support the dissemination and fundraising of the rare disease for which we walk.

1st Edition: Solidarity Pilgrimage

In the 1st Edition of the Solidarity Pilgrimage - Camina ConmiGO 2021, we walked more than 800km to help raise awareness of RETT Syndrome, a rare genetic disease that affects almost exclusively girls and leads to severe disability.


This Solidarity Pilgrimage had great impact, thanks to the enthusiasm and participation of so many Solidarity Hearts, who supported the project.

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2nd Edition: Solidarity Pilgrimage

Full of enthusiasm and hope we are preparing the 2nd Edition of the Solidarity Pilgrimage - Camina ConmiGO, which will again focus on creating awareness of RETT Syndrome. 

Please help us with your sponsorship and donation to make this Solidarity Pilgrimage possible, and so be able to continue to help people suffering this severe Syndrome.

If you are an Association

If you are the Association with which we collaborate, we will offer you our time, energy and talent to provide visibility to the rare disease you represent.

We will put our talents at your disposal to help create awareness about the obstacles, needs and difficulties of people suffering from rare diseases

If you would like us to undertake a Solidarity Pilgrimage for your cause, please contact us at

If you are a Company or Institution

If you are the company or institution that sponsors us, it is because we share the same values that move us to take action in solidarity causes.

We will support your brand by providing visibility both during the Solidarity Pilgrimage as well as through social networks.

If you would like us to be your brand ambassadors, please contact us at

If you are a fan

If you are a person who vibrates with charity, solidarity and fraternity values, then this is YOUR project!

We are happy and grateful to receive your donations. Your contribution gives us hope and strength to continue to offer our life at the service of others

If you wish to support the project, please click on the button below. We kindly invite you to share the link with your friends and contacts.

The choice of the International Route for the upcoming Solidarity Pilgrimage - Camina ConmiGO will be jointly determined with the sponsors that collaborate and support the realization of the Solidarity Pilgrimage.

Short Pilgrimage

Medium Pilgrimage

Long Pilgrimage

What is RETT Syndrome?

Rett syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that affects brain development, resulting in severe mental and physical disability. It is estimated to affect about 1 in 12,000 girls born each year and is only rarely seen in boys. 

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